Shooting at VT


Remember the old Hindi movies, where there would be an inevitable shot of the hero, the quintessential “gaon ka chorawho landed at VT station, and that would mark a turning point in his life? VT or the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus) as it is officially called now, is an iconic structure that adorns the city of Mumbai. The architecture is a fusion of the Victorian Gothic art and Mughal influences. On a Sunday sans the hustle and bustle of the office goers, VT is a sight to behold!

Our mission this Sunday was to capture the architectural glory of this heritage building that houses a railway station. Usually harsh daylight photography poses a challenge, but with the monsoons setting in the Sun God was benign and even broad daylight photography was a pleasure. Not only did we get to shoot the architectural marvel, we could also shoot some great portraits.

Through the eyes of our lenses we can always see great stories happening all around us, and that is our intention at Breaking Rules. Come and “see” a little more than you do usually!  That you will learn photography is an added bonus!

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