When horses we wished…………..

“The dog may be a man’s best friend, but it was the horse that built civilizations.” Anonymous

Our pursuit to explore more with our lenses took us beyond city limits this time. On a Sunday morning, we found ourselves well on the way to Japalouppe Equestrian  Center , a beautiful stud farm located in Talegaon, a drive that is a couple of hours away from the North of Bombay. A few hiccups notwithstanding, we reached our destination post lunch.

Horses are sacred beings. To photograph animals and especially horses, one needs to connect with the animal, communicate at all levels, its voice and behaviour, its feel and touch. It requires love and patience. You have to observe your subject and understand it before you shoot. If you are an animal lover it will reflect in your images in equine photography.

Portraiture of the horses and panning was on our agenda. With a slow shutter and a deep aperture, in cloudy conditions, we were able to capture some magic moments in panning.  Just the opposite is true for portraiture photography. You have to use the widest aperture to get the best portraits.

Every part of the horse is beautiful, and had a story to tell. The powerful muscles, the flowing hair on its tail, the placid eyes, the texture of its coat, each and every part made for excellent pictures.

We don’t know much about what would happen if wishes were horses…..but when horses were on the wish list of Breaking Rules we sure got some timeless frames!

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