Documentary Photography


Documentary photography

The theme of our workshop this Sunday was documentary photography (DP). DP or reportage photography is a very interesting form of photography and has been so since the invention of photography. All mainstream photographers started their career with documentary photography.

Anybody who is familiar with Rai’s work will tell you, that his images leave an indelible print on your mind. Be it the stark and gruesome pictures of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy that spoke of the atrocities on humankind or the poignant images of Mother Teresa in prayer or the stellar portraits of Indira Gandhi, Rai’s photography have given a new meaning to photography itself, and his images are indeed so enthralling because each of them have a story to tell, something that your naked eye will not have seen.

That is the very essence of DP. DP is storytelling, and documenting.  It is not magic or trick photography or does not (or rather should not)  require post processing. It is the simplest form of photography and indeed the most popular.


Small little crabs, the kids of fisher folk who played with gaiety, small tea cups, and women cooking modest meals in traditional rice pots. The weather was such that it brought out the best in people and we were lucky enough to have captured some priceless moments of Koli dancers who were  dancing as if they was no care in the world! We braved the harsh sunlight, and some of us ended up having bad headaches, but we shot relentlessly for more than two hours. The edit sessions indoors came as the much needed relief as even hardcore photographers need air-conditioning and cold coffee after rigorous shoot!



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